Differences Between Bootstrap v2.3 and v3.0 (RC2)

The Bootstrap framework from Twitter is an awesome and powerful tool for front-end web development. Bootstrap makes it easy to create good-looking web pages and web apps, plus it has a ‘responsive grid’ built in to automatically make designs compatible with mobile browsers (both tablets & smartphones). It should come as no surprise that, less than 18 months after its first release, Bootstrap is now powering approximately 1% of all sites online.

A couple weeks ago the developers of Bootstrap made a major update – moving from version 2.3.2 to version 3.0 (RC1). Then, just yesterday (13 Aug, 2013), another update was made available as Release Candidate 2. Almost certainly there are a lot of development teams scrambling right now to update to the newest version without causing major disruptions.

Unfortunately, though, the Bootstrap changelog isn’t very informative about describing the particularities. So… I’ve been going …

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Demo Day at The Pageant

Capital Innovators 2013 Demo Day Wrapup

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On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the Capital Innovators Demo Day at The Pageant theater in St. Louis. Overall I was very impressed with the companies and pitches. Capital Innovators and its partners are doing a great job fostering the startup community in St. Louis. Kudos for making my hometown look good!

I’ll do my best here to summarize each company’s pitch, and I’d also like to share some information about the event sponsors.

The day opened with a brief welcome speech by Judy Sindecuse, CEO & Managing Partner of Capital Innovators, who also served as MC throughout the event. She mentioned a “5x return on capital” on the previous batch of CI companies and then quickly introduced the next speaker.

Joe Reagan, President & CEO of the St. Louis Regional Commerce …

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